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Taking Action



Some factors known as “protective factors” can act as strengths to help an individual resist indoctrination and avoid being radicalized. From a prevention perspective, it is important to focus on consolidating such factors both in the person in question and in the individual’s surroundings.

How should I respond if I observe radicalization taking place ?

The often complex process of radicalization can give rise to feelings of powerlessness and distress, especially in people close to a radicalized individual or one who is in the process of becoming radicalized.

Our first piece of advice : Be compassionate, and avoid acting too quickly. If you suspect a loved one, acquaintance or person you know may be becoming radicalized, the CPRLV suggests you adopt the following behaviours :

  • Show respect and empathy for the individual, as well as a willingness to listen without any preconceptions: this will help create an atmosphere conducive to the development of a trusting relationship and meaningful connection.
  • Avoid calling into question or challenging the person’s values and beliefs. Otherwise, you may cause the person to become defensive and completely closed off to your attempts at intervention.
  • Choose a good time and place for an frank, compassionate conversation based on your assessment of your relationship together.
  • Concentrate on opening up the lines of communication so you can gather the desired information tactfully and sensitively without arousing the person’s distrust or causing them to withdraw into themself. Be careful not to adopt policing behaviours that could cause the individual to feel they are under surveillance or suspicion due to their behaviour or beliefs.
  • Be vigilant and monitor how the situation evolves.
  • Get help from the CPRLV support staff, who will be able to advise you and provide you with specialized support.

When can I contact the CPRLV?

Monday to friday, 9am to 8pm

To ask for advice, to inform the CPRLV of a situation, or to obtain support:

  • 514 687-7141 (Montréal)
  • 1 877 687-7141 (elsewhere in Québec)
  • Use our e-forms

If you are concerned about changes in a family member or friend, if you have doubts or are worried about the attitude of someone around you, if you think violent radicalization may be taking place, it is critical that you contact the CPRLV. Our specialists will listen to you and provide you with support in complete confidence and anonymity, no matter what the situation. They will work with you to determine whether there is cause for concern, provide you with the appropriate tools, and direct you to qualified resources if necessary. With your consent, they will also develop an intervention plan if one is needed.

  • 20 November 2019
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Meeting at the KEPKAA in Montreal

Thank you to the Comité international pour la Promotion du Créole et de l’Alphabétisation (KEPKAA) for hosting the CPRLV to discuss and exchange on the prevention of of hate-motivated incidents and on the prevention of radicalization leading to violence.
  • 20 November 2019
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CPRLV training offered in Edmonton

In collaboration with its partner, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the CPRLV was invited to offer its training sessions on the “What If I Was Wrong Educator’s Guide” in Edmoton, Alberta. We thank The Resiliency Project for hosting us. If would like to receive a CPRLV training session in your workplace or if you would like to receive additional information, […]
  • 19 November 2019
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Lunch-talk on youth working against radicalization

The CPRLV presented the result of a mission carried out in Belgium, as part of a study on youth working against radicalization. This mission included work meetings between the Bureau Internationale Jeunesse (BIJ), the MOVE Association and the Maison de jeunes dans les Marolles, visits to youth associations in Molenbeek, Mechelen and Marollen to learn […]