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The Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence had adopted a multi-disciplinary organizational structure, promoting cross-sectoral collaboration among three specialized teams which work together to elaborate, develop and implement strategies to prevent radicalization situations leading to violence and hate-motivated behaviour.

    • Strategic and Scientific Development:
      • Evaluate
      • Ensure strategic monitoring
      • Support

The mandate of the Strategic and Scientific Development Team is to support and complement the other fields of action (prevention, awareness, support and training) of the CPRLV teams. This direction participates in the strategic monitoring of practices and recent developments in the prevention of radicalization leading to violence in Quebec and abroad. It develops research activities that focus on supporting the development of the programs, actions and practices of the CPRLV by providing them with a scientific basis based on evidence and cutting-edge scientific knowledge. Finally, it participates in the transfer of knowledge, both internally and externally, on the phenomena of radicalization leading to violence and their prevention, as well as in the CPRLV’s ongoing dialogue with all scientific stakeholders interested in these themes.

    • Partnerships and Community Engagement:
      • Raise awareness
      • Involve
      • Mobilize
      • Collaborate
      • Support

The mandate of the Partnerships and Community Engagement Team is to ensure the development of awareness, mobilization and community engagement activities. This team also helps develop community relations, partnerships and collaborations, and participates in the implementation of community support that promotes community and citizen engagement.
This team is also responsible for the communications of the CPRLV, the creation and dissemination of information and tools.

    • Education and Skills Development:
      • Prevention
      • Training
      • Raise Awareness

The mandate of the Education and Skills  Development Team is to provide training to front-line professionals and other types of practitioners on the subject of radicalization leading to violence (for example, to help them understand and distinguish this phenomenon from other social phenomena, such as fundamentalism or mental health), on its diverse manifestations (isolating behaviour and its progression), and on the appropriate case management practices for a wide range of situations and contexts.


  • 13 December 2019
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Participation of the CPRLV in a round table discussion on living together

The CPRLV participated in a round table entitled “Living together… but for who and how? Navigating Human Rights in Montreal” organized by the Centre for Civic Religious Literacy and the Canada Race Relations Foundation to exchange with community leaders, the general public, representatives of organizations and institutions, on principles of living together and solutions around […]
  • 13 December 2019
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Workshop offered at MDJ Bordeaux-Cartierville

The CPRLV offered an awareness workshop of the “What If I Was Wrong? When We Talk, We Learn!” campaign to a group of young people from the Maison de jeunes Bordeaux-Cartierville, in Montreal, with the objective of encouraging them to reflect and debate on identity prejudices and stereotypes. Thank you for the participation! For more information […]
  • 13 December 2019
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Training sessions offered in Charleroi

The CPRLV was invited to offer its “Hexagon” training, a pedagogical tool for supporting the analysis of situations of radicalization leading to violence, to different groups. They consisted of officials of the City of Charleroi, community organizations, employees working in the field of socio-professional integration of immigrants and in the I.P.P.J., police officers, psychologists, cultural, sports […]