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Our program: A Presence for All

The objective of CPRLV’s mentorship program “A Presence for All” is to address personal, social, religious, political, identity or ideological grievances through prosocial means of engagement. Thus, the program does not mean to counter any ideological affiliation, political/religious orientations or personal beliefs, but aims at supporting individuals who might experience personal issues causing them to turn into extremism or hatred.

We invite you to consult this PDF for more information on this mentoring program and how to get involved.

Submit your application: 

The CPRLV is looking for a variety of mentors with various profiles, backgrounds, life experiences and skills.

So, if you are 18 years old and over, if you are looking to get involved, if you want to make a difference in the other’s lives, apply to become a mentor in the “A Presence for All” mentorship program by filling the following form:

For any questions, call 514 687-7141, ext. 109 or write at


Lunch-talk on the new CPRLV mentorship program, “A Presence for All” .

Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Time: From 12pm to 1pm


Project carried out with the support of the Community Resilience Fund of the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence (Public Safety Canada)

  • 6 December 2019
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End of internship presentation at the CPRLV

End of internship presentation by Jim-Kelly, graduating in a Management/Programming program at the Collège de Rosemont, who worked on the programming and online implementation of the “Hexagon” pedagogical tool of the CPRLV. We thank you for your work! !
  • 28 November 2019
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CPRLV trainings offered in Vancouver

In collaboration with its partner, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the CPRLV was invited to offer its training sessions on “Understand, recognize and prevent radicalization leading to violence” and on the “What If I Was Wrong Educator’s Guide” in Vancouver, in British Columbia, to the Vancouver Police Department. If would like to receive a CPRLV training session in your workplace or […]
  • 28 November 2019
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Training session offered at Collège de Maisonneuve

As part of a course on planned and directed operations for students in the police field, offered by Collège de Maisonneuve, three groups of about thirty students were trained on the prevention of radicalization leading to violence in order to familiarize themselves with the work of the CPRLV and on the issue of radicalization in […]