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Radicalization situations are complex and multifaceted realities.

Although the process of radicalization leading to violence may span months, even years, it is a reversable process. Between the moment when a person’s radical views first become apparent and the moment when the individual begins to take violent action lies an important window of opportunity for preventive intervention. Through positive interaction with the individual, it is possible both to eliminate causes that might tip the scales in favor of radicalization and to strengthen preventative factors that might help the individual resist indoctrination.

The CPRLV has set up services to support the population and professionals (listen, support and advise). They may be a radicalized individual (formerly radicalized or in the process of being radicalized), their entourage or professionals in environments affected by situations of radicalization leading to violence and hate-motivated behaviour.

These services are the responsibility of the CPRLV‘s professionals, who ensure that each and every one of them has a reassuring and personalized presence:

  • The help service through the Info-radical line, our forms or in person allows you to establish initial contact with the CPRLV and discuss your concerns, in complete confidentiality.
  • The support service will be mobilized either through individual or group meetings focused on the needs of the radicalized individual (formerly radicalized or in the process of being radicalized), his or her family and friends or professionals in contexts of situations of radicalization leading to violence and hate behaviour, depending on the request made.
  • 18 October 2019
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Upcoming trainings this fall

The CPRLV and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO will jointly offer trainings this fall on “Understand, recognize and preventing radicalization leading to violence” and on the Educator’s Guide What If I Was Wrong? The dates of these training courses are: Oct 31 – Thunder Bay, OntarioNov 12 – Cochrane, AlbertaNov 13 – Red Deer – […]
  • 17 October 2019
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Open house training at the CPRLV

The CPRLV offered training on the What If I Was Wrong Campaign Educator’s Guide, a practical tool that provides teachers and youth leaders with concrete concert tools and activities to strengthen youth resiliency. To access to the Educator’s Guide: