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Roselyne Mavungu

Executive Director

Roselyne Mavungu was appointed on March 30, 2020, as Executive Director of the CPRLV to administer the organization and bring to it her management expertise. Having held several positions and carried out important missions in Canada, Africa and the Middle East, Ms. Mavungu has more than 10 years of experience in managing community support organizations.  Prior to her arrival in this position, she held many positions, such as General Manager of Compagnie F – Entrepreneurship for Women, President and CEO of the MicroEntreprendre Network, as well as Senior Advisor in Development and Management with the organization Oxfam-Québec. She has also been involved in the governance of various local organizations such as the Chantier de l’économie sociale, Cap Finance, the organization Territoires innovants en économie sociales et solidaire (TIESS) and Femmessor. She also sat on the Conseil des Montréalaises and was a member of the Government of Canada’s Steering Group on the co-creation of a Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy. She holds degrees in law (Université Paris XII La Varenne), human sciences (Université Paris-La Sorbonne), conflict management and alternative justice (Université René Descartes).

Benjamin Ducol

Scientific Consultant

Benjamin Ducol holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Laval University. He is currently an associate researcher with the Canada Research Chair on Conflicts and Terrorism, an associate researcher with the International Centre for Comparative Criminology (CICC)—where he previously conducted postdoctoral research—and a member of the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security & Society (TSAS). The author of numerous scientific publications, his fields of expertise and research preferences include militant jihadist radicalism, radicalization processes in the digital age, and the mobilization of victims of terrorism.

Anne-Sophie Bedziri

Skills development advisor

Anne-Sophie Bedziri joined the CPRLV in January 2020. She has studied philosophy and history at Paris-Sorbonne University IV and holds a master’s degree in Political Science from University of Montreal. As a teaching assistant in the Political Science Department of the UdeM, then a research officer at the Peace Operations Network (ROP),  a research unit of the Montreal Centre for International Studies (CÉRIUM), from 2017 to 2019, Ms. Bedziri has taken an interest in issues related to radicalization and jihadism. She has published several scientific papers on these subjects.

Aurélie Girard

Research Officer

Aurélie Girard holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Politics from the Université de Montréal and a Master’s degree in International Studies from Université Laval. She has a multidisciplinary profile that combines practice and theory in order to target social phenomena in their current forms and their possible mutations. In her thesis, Aurélie Girard worked on the far-right and the issues raised by this political trend, in particular by analysing the narratives used by these groups to legitimize the use of violence. After having been involved in non-profit organizations in the fields of the environment and international solidarity, she now focuses on various issues related directly or indirectly to the phenomenon of radicalization, such as hate crimes, restorative justice and the far-right in Quebec and elsewhere.

Abraham Membreño

Community Mobilization Coordinator

Abraham has more than 15 years of experience in intervention, community mobilization and support for diverse populations such as: citizen committees, street gangs, homeless people, people in social disruption and people living with addictions. A humanist by heart, he is interested in the development of the power to act individually and collectively. He believes that complementarity and collaboration between community actors are the key to real social transformation. In addition to his experience, Abraham has a bachelor’s degree in management and social development as well as a certificate in integral prevention, from the perspective of analysis of social issues. He is currently completing a special education technique.

Margaux Bennardi

Support and Community Engagement Coordinator

Margaux Bennardi holds a bachelor’s degree in sexology from the University of Quebec in Montreal, and is a member of the Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec (Sexologists of Quebec Corporation). Ms. Bennardi acquired expertise in the community services field as a Senior Programs Coordinator for LOVE (Leave Out Violence), while working with young actors, receivers or witnesses of violence. Margaux also holds a master’s degree in education and specialized training with a socio-cultural interest; she’s studying concepts such as racism and systemic discrimination.

Marian Misdrahi

Head of Evaluation and Scientific Support

Marian Misdrahi holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Montréal. Possessing strong management skills and an expert on social inequalities, discrimination and identity, she has worked as a researcher on homelessness and mental health, as well as on the racial profiling of young offenders in Quebec. A native of Mexico City, she taught Sociology at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) (National Autonomous University of Mexico) and has also been a lecturer at the University of Montréal.

Gabriella Scali

Visual and Youth Projects Officer

Gabriella Scali is a graphic designer and artist constantly seeking to capture how the world is visually constructed through its shapes and colours. During her university studies in photography at Concordia, she studied graphic design for a year at Bauhaus University in Germany. When she graduated, she then decided to sharpen her technique with a computer graphics training at the Centre de formation professionnelle de Verdun (CFPV) in Montreal. Many of her works have been published in various print and web publications, and she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Quebec and Germany.

Pierre-Wesner Rabel

Junior Full Stack Web Developer

Starting with an internship in early 2020, Pierre-wesner Rabel works with CPRLV to help deploy its new pedagogical tools. Curious by nature and eager for knowledge, he invests in cloud technologies and serverless web applications for their profitability. Pierre studied at Collège de Rosemont in object-oriented programming and web technologies and, during his studies, has realized many hackatons that he is proud of.



Anamaría Cardona Henao

Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement

Since 2016, Anamaria Cardona has been working as part of the CPRLV team. She holds a master’s degree in Interculturality and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Social Communication. She has extensive experience in international development and violence prevention, working with the United Nations, local and national governments, and NGOs such as the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC).

Marilou Favreau-Léger

Skills development advisor

Marilou Favreau-Léger has been at the CPRLV since January 2020. Holding a  master’s degree in Sociology from the Université du Québec à Montréal, with a focus in Comparative Historical Sociology and the Sociology of Violence, she is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Comparative Politics and International Relations. In her recent work, she has been interested in state repression, processes of large-scale violence escalation, as well as dynamics of civil war onsets in democratic contexts.

Roxane Martel-Perron

Director of Education and Skills Development

Roxane Martel-Perron holds a Master’s degree in Management of International Development and Humanitarian Action from Laval University, and a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Montreal, where she studied the role of social support in disengagement trajectories of former far-right groups’ members in Canada. Ms. Martel-Perron has been interested in prevention for several years, having collaborated with the United Nations, local and national governments, as well as NGOs, including the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime. She is also a member of the Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism Network, Security & Society (TSAS).