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The aim of the research program at the CPRLV is to watch for phenomena of radicalization leading to violence in order to document and explain them, and to come up with various means of intervention. The program uses a multidisciplinary and innovative approach and is structured along the following three guidelines:

Expertise development

Acquire knowledge that will enable the implementation of proactive measures to prevent radicalization leading to violence, while ensuring a continuum between research and intervention.

  • Document the diverse forms of violent radicalization.
  • Identify risk and protective factors on an individual and a collective basis.
  • Provide scientific monitoring of the knowledge acquired on the phenomenon and its evolution at both the national and international levels.


Development of response plans

Contribute to the establishment and the development of response plans to improve and adapt practices used to counteract the influence of speech or behaviors that promote violence.

  • Take part in the development of tools to identify individuals at risk of violent radicalization.
  • Participate in the development of psychosocial intervention and support programs for individuals concerned and their close relations.
  • Assess the impact of response plans and tracking strategies for vulnerable individuals.


Knowledge dissemination

Foster strategic partnerships and the dissemination of scientific knowledge regarding prevention, detection and intervention applied to the phenomenon of radicalization leading to violence.

  • Establish research collaborations.
  • Participate in the dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  • Ensure knowledge transfer to front-line workers.