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Radicalization is a complex phenomenon that may take many forms.

Although the process of radicalization leading to violence may span months, even years, it is a reversable process. Between the moment when a person’s radical views first become apparent and the moment when the individual begins to take violent action lies an important window of opportunity for preventive intervention. Through positive interaction with the individual, it is possible both to eliminate causes that might tip the scales in favor of radicalization and to strengthen preventative factors that might help the individual resist indoctrination.
The CPRLV has established two service streams to provide personalized support and counselling from CPRLV professionals to persons affected by radicalization—both to individuals who are (or are becoming) radicalized themselves, and to those around them:

  • There is a helpline you can call to reach out to the CPRLV and discuss any concerns you may have, in complete confidence.
  • The CPRLV also has a psychosocial intervention team that can meet with you as soon as possible if necessary—and only with your approval. Whether the intervention approach adopted is direct or indirect will depend on observed behaviours of the individual concerned and the extent to which their social ties have broken down.
  • 21 March 2018
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Conference on risk management related to radicalization in the workplace The Centre presented methods of detecting and preventing radicalization in the workplace during a conference on risk management related to radicalization in the workplace
  • 19 March 2018
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Newsletter CPRLV – March Calandar

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  • 14 March 2018
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Boston delegation at the CPRLV

The Centre hosted a delegation from the Boston Police Department, the city of Montreal as well as the Quebec Government Office in Boston to exchange on the prevention of radicalization leading to violence.